The Young and the Romantic

After four years of university, I had just recently graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a bachelor’s in science. This photo was taken of my then-boyfriend, now fiance Aaron giving me a “celebratory” kiss on the cheek (or just a kiss on the cheek for good measure). I have to say that despite my plans for going throughout college boyfriend free had failed, I was quite glad that it did. My boyfriend was one of the reasons that made my college experience even better. And, thanks to him, I decided not to pursue medical school. Wait; what? Yes, you heard, right. It would be two years into working a full-time job as a medical scribe for a small family practice that I would later decide to pursue sonography school. This was the best decision for me. It is now my career, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Is it my dream job? No. But it pays the bills and helps people, and that’s all I can ask for. My boyfriend has always been so supportive of all my crazy endeavors, late-night studying, meltdowns, and my biggest cheerleader of all time. I love him so much and very ready to take on the next chapter of life together as husband and wife. #garcialove2021

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